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16th Jan 18421 - 22nd Mar 19212

Life History

16th Jan 1842

Born in Hassall, Cheshire.1

13th Feb 1842

Baptised in St. Mary's, Sandbach


Recorded in census in Pinfold, Hassall.3

about 1861

Birth of son William MOTTRAM in Betchton, Cheshire


Recorded in census in Lawton Heath, Church Lawton.4

21st Jan 1862

Married James MOTTRAM in St. Mary's, Wolverhampton.22

16th Apr 1864

Birth of son Harry MOTTRAM in Cappers Lane, Betchton.10

4th Mar 1866

Birth of son Thomas MOTTRAM in Love Lane, Betchton, Cheshire.11

30th Mar 1868

Birth of son Arthur MOTTRAM in Haslington, Cheshire.12

6th May 1870

Birth of son James MOTTRAM in Day Green, Hassall.14


Recorded in census in Day Green, Hassall.5

about 1872

Birth of son Alfred MOTTRAM in Wheelock, Cheshire

27th Jun 1874

Death of son James MOTTRAM in Hassall Green, Betchton.13

3rd Oct 1874

Birth of daughter Annie MOTTRAM in Hassall Green, Betchton.16

19th Dec 1877

Birth of daughter Julia MOTTRAM in The Moss, Hassall.17

15th Jun 1878

Death of daughter Annie MOTTRAM in The Moss, Hassall.15

24th Jun 1880

Birth of daughter Mary Blanch MOTTRAM in The Moss, Hassall.18


Recorded in census in The Moss, Hassall.6

24th Dec 1882

Birth of son George MOTTRAM in The Moss, Hassall, Cheshire.19

18th Jun 1885

Birth of son Frank MOTTRAM in The Moss, Hassall, Cheshire.20


Recorded in census in Hassall Moss, Hassall.7


Recorded in census in Hassall Moss, Hassall.8


Recorded in census in Hassall Moss, Hassall.9

25th Oct 1918

Death of James MOTTRAM in Hassall.21

22nd Mar 1921

Died in The Moss, Hassall.2

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