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Richard COOKE

1836 - 16th Apr 19114

Life History


Born in Sandbach, Cheshire

11th Feb 1836

Baptised in St. Mary's, Sandbach.1,2,3


Recorded in census in Middlewich Road, Sandbach.5


Recorded in census in Middlewich Road, Sandbach.6

14th Nov 1859

Married Jane VENABLES in Sandbach.25

20th Feb 1860

Birth of son Walter COOKE in Seamans Bank, Sandbach.13


Recorded in census in Bradwell Street, Sandbach.7

25th Oct 1861

Birth of son Charles COOKE in Wheelock Road, Sandbach, Cheshire.14

25th Oct 1863

Birth of son Thomas COOKE in Newfield Buildings, Sandbach.15

20th Oct 1865

Birth of son Harry COOKE in Newfield Buildings, Sandbach.17

7th Nov 1867

Birth of son John COOKE in Tunstall Street, Sandbach.18


Recorded in census in Green Street, Sandbach.8

17th Feb 1871

Birth of son Richard COOKE in Green Street, Sandbach.19

27th Jan 1873

Birth of daughter Mary Jane COOKE in Green Street, Sandbach.20

2nd Dec 1874

Birth of daughter Agnes COOKE in Green Street, Sandbach.21

1st Feb 1877

Birth of son George William COOKE in Green Street, Sandbach.22

7th Jan 1878

Birth of daughter Jessie COOKE in Green Street, Sandbach.23


Recorded in census in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.9


Recorded in census in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.10

25th Nov 1895

Death of son Harry COOKE in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.16


Recorded in census in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.11

29th Mar 1905

Death of Jane VENABLES in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.24


Recorded in census in 13, Bradwall Street, Sandbach.12

16th Apr 1911

Died in Bradwall Street, Sandbach.4

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